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Feb 22.2024

Getting Better Tone

“Banjokid” writes:Can you explain how to get a better tone? Whenever I play, I don’t get the right tone. Could you help me on this subject?

Well, Banjokid,...

Aug 30.2013

Deering Banjo Company Employees Honored

Each year, Deering Banjo Company holds its annual company lunch to eat some good food under the warm San Diego sun and celebrate with the presentation of...

Aug 30.2013

Deering ships biggest order in company history!

Deering Banjo's set a new milestone on Friday morning which saw the departure of the largest single order ever built and shipped by the company's in its 38...

Aug 28.2013

Deering New Traditions Gallery Opening at the American Banjo Museum

An exciting free program of musical concerts, demonstrations, banjo instruction, jamming and special guest appearances have been organized for the folks who...

Aug 16.2013

Deering #banjobus hits the road!

The Deering #banjobus took to the road as Jamie Deering and Arthur Hancock embark on a two month trek across the United States to appear at a number of events...

Use What Works - Learning the Banjo

Ever notice how many “experts” there are on “learning to play banjo”, or anything, for that matter? While I urge all of us to explore their recommendations...

Aug 2.2013

Banjo Resonators: What Do They Do and Do I Need One

One very common question we hear from customers who are new to the banjo is “Why do some banjos have a back and others don’t?”. To start with, the “back” of a...

Aug 2.2013

Defining Good Music

Barry Hunn Deering Banjos Sales Manager
Kristin Scott Benson chooses the Deering Golden Series banjos
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