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Jan 24.2022

Chord Voices For Genres Outside Of Bluegrass with Ryan Cavanaugh

On this week's Deering Live episode we are bringing by 5-string banjo wizard Ryan Cavanaugh to talk about how to comp chords on the 5-string banjo for...

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Sep 9.2020

Valerie June Interview on Deering Live

Our guest on Deering Live this week featured the wonderful Valerie June. In this interview we get into how she approaches the banjo, music being good for...

Sep 2.2020

Deering Live - Featuring Jens Kruger

This was a great one with Jens Kruger where he plays, demonstrates playing tips and techniques, and even was joined by his brother Uwe Kruger on guitar!...

Aug 26.2020

Deering Live - Banjo String Conversation With Jens Kruger

Learn everything you ever need to know about banjo strings with this in depth conversation with master banjoist Jens Kruger and Jon Moody from GHS...
Aug 13.2020

Deering Live - Ryan Cavanaugh

We had a lot of fun hanging out with Ryan Cavanaugh on this past week's Deering Live. We dug into a lot of topics and you can definitely learn a lot...
Aug 5.2020

Deering Live - Tony Trischka

Last week we featured Tony Trischka on Deering Live! Tony is a master of the 5 string banjo and has been at the forefront of bringing the banjo from...
Jul 31.2020

Deering Live - Mark Johnson

We're excited to feature Mark Johnson, the father of Clawgrass banjo playing on Deering Live! If you aren't familiar with what Clawgrass is, it is a unique...

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