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Irish Tenor Banjo - What Is the Standard?

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 16, 2016 3:07:45 PM / by David Bandrowski posted in Playing Tips, Banjo Shopping Advice, irish banjo, Tenor Banjo

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When it comes to Irish tenor banjo, it is hard to define exactly what type of banjo that is. Yes, it is a four string tenor banjo. But is it a 17-fret or a 19-fret? Does it have a resonator or is it open back? How is it tuned - standard tenor tuning C, G, D, A or Irish tuning G, D, A, E?  After spending years playing and talking to Irish tenor banjo players, going to Irish sessions, even traveling to Ireland to watch and listen, I have determined that there is no exact standard although there are some generalizations.

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Is One Banjo Style More Difficult than Another?

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 26, 2015 10:48:39 AM / by Barry Hunn posted in 5-String Banjo, banjo lesson, Playing Tips, banjo tips, clawhammer, fingerpicking, flatpicking, Plectrum Banjo, Tenor Banjo

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We are asked regularly, is Bluegrass style finger picking more difficult than Clawhammer?  Is Clawhammer more difficult than finger picking? Is plectrum/tenor style with a flat pick easier than Bluegrass style finger picking?

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Goodtime Banjo Styles Video - 19 Fret Tenor

[fa icon="calendar'] May 29, 2014 4:14:54 PM / by David Bandrowski posted in Banjo Shopping Advice, Email Articles, Goodtime banjo, Tenor Banjo

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Our second installment of our Goodtime Styles videos. Find more at These videos will take you through some of the most popular ways to play the different styles of Goodtime banjos.

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Jeff DaRosa

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 24, 2013 1:30:15 PM / by David Bandrowski posted in Artists, Boston, dropkick murphys, Irish, irish banjo, Rock, Tenor Banjo

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More Space + More Tools = More Banjos!

[fa icon="calendar'] May 31, 2012 6:46:03 PM / by Jamie Latty posted in 5-String Banjo, 6-String Banjo, american made, banjo popularity, cnc machine, deering, expansion, factory, Inside Deering, News, production, Tenor Banjo

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It is the night before the big day here at Deering! The early hours of Friday morning will see the arrival of not one, but three new machines that will help us take our production to new giddy heights and meet the ever growing demand for quality, American made banjos. This latest addition to the Deering facility in Spring Valley, CA only serves to highlight the fact that the humble banjo, more than ever is being accepted as a mainstream musical instrument.

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They're All Banjos

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 13, 2012 5:25:21 PM / by Barry Hunn posted in 5-String Banjo, 6-String Banjo, Email Articles, Inside Deering, Tenor Banjo

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Remembering Barney McKenna

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 6, 2012 12:31:29 PM / by David Bandrowski posted in barney mckenna, irish banjo, News, Tenor Banjo

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We lost another banjo icon this week.  Barney McKenna, the last surviving original member of the Irish band the Dubliners passed away unexpectedly in his home.  

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Interview of Jeff DaRosa of Dropkick Murphys

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 3, 2012 2:31:55 PM / by Jamie Deering posted in Artist Features, artist interviews, dropkick murphys, irish banjo, Tenor Banjo, Uncategorized

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Tenor Banjo Lesson - How To Build a Chord Melody

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 3, 2012 1:11:26 PM / by David Bandrowski posted in Playing Tips, Tenor Banjo, tenor banjo lessons

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In the following lesson, we will learn how to take a basic melody, and turn that into a full chord melody arrangement.  We are going to use the popular tune "When the Saints Go Marching In" in the key of F as our example.

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How To Tune A Banjo

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 3, 2012 5:14:11 PM / by David Bandrowski posted in 5-String Banjo, Playing Tips, banjo tuning, how to tune a banjo, Tenor Banjo, Your Deering

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5-String Banjo

G, D, G, B, D

The most standard 5-string banjo tuning.  This is referred to as "Open G" Tuning because the banjo is tuned to an open G chord, meaning that if you strum the banjo without fingering any of the strings on the neck you will be playing a G chord.

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