• Carolina Bridges

    Deering Banjos Holiday Sale

    The fun of the holiday shopping season can be yours by staying home and taking care of all your banjo needs with the Deering Holiday Sale! We have put together some really great packages that are ready for gift giving in a beautiful green gift bags with satin ribbon. Just put them in a stocking or under… Read more

  • Carolina Bridges

    How Should I Practice the Banjo?

    I truly enjoy talking to our customers. Not only do I learn from them but we also learn what information they need from us. Recently, I spoke to an enthusiastic late beginner/intermediate player who asked a very good question: how should I practice? He meant, how do I start my practice session, how do I… Read more

  • Goodtime Banjos logo

    Quality Banjo Parts – Does It Matter?

    A customer asked me a great question the other day when I was extolling the virtues of Goodtime banjos. I was talking about the classical purity of tone; the quiet metal parts; the three ply violin maple rim, etc. The customer sincerely and quietly asked me, “does that stuff really matter?”  Sometimes the simple questions… Read more

  • Goodtime Banjos logo

    Goodtime vs. New Goodtime Americana Video Comparison

    The combination of the new Grand 12″ rim and Renaissance head gives the new Goodtime Americana a much deeper, fuller tone compared to the original Goodtime. The original Goodtime has a brighter, crisper tone. Take a listen and see how the two compare! For more information, visit www.deeringbanjos.com/ga

  • Barry Hunn

    The Goodtime Bargain

    I got a comment from a customer the other day, the gist of which was, “The Goodtime is a good banjo but a bit over-priced.”    Knowing how these banjos are made, I started wondering “what is the Goodtime being compared with that would make it look over priced?”  What standard is used to make… Read more