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How Should I Get My Banjo Set Up?

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 24, 2017 12:40:51 PM / by Barry Hunn posted in Banjo Set Up

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 From what I have seen, human beings have amazing awareness. This keen awareness is showcased in the subtleties of banjo set up. Adjustments like string height, string spacing measurements, fret height and neck shape combined with bridge height, head tension, tailpiece adjustment make for very unique recipes of individual players banjo sound and “feel”.

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Are Banjos Expensive?

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 24, 2017 11:47:35 AM / by Barry Hunn posted in Buying a Banjo

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Many new people wanting to play banjo often ask the question, "Are banjos expensive?" We break this down to prove how this assessment is so wrong.

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How To Attach A Banjo Cradle Strap

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 16, 2017 3:20:02 PM / by Kim Bean posted in banjo accessories, Banjo Straps

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Deering leather cradle straps are wonderfully secure and safe for your banjo. The cradle strap is made up of three pieces of leather and two attachment options. We will walk you through the ins and outs of attaching one to your banjo.

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What Is the Most Important Part Of the Banjo?

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 14, 2017 4:28:26 PM / by Carolina Bridges posted in Playing Tips

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So much is written about the materials and precision needed to craft a beautiful sounding banjo that we often forget to remind ourselves what the most important part is! What’s your guess?

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Multiple Banjos?

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 12, 2017 5:15:17 PM / by Barry Hunn posted in Playing Tips, Banjo Shopping Advice

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One of the greatest aspects of my job is getting to talk with people from all walks of life and from many different enthusiasms of the music business. It’s wonderful hearing top professionals play banjo and asking them questions about how they do what they do. It’s also terrific to meet with talented amateurs and find out some of their techniques and ideas about playing banjo.

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A New Year’s Resolution For All Banjo Players

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 30, 2016 10:10:34 AM / by Barry Hunn posted in Playing Tips

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While we all make New Year’s resolutions that are relevant to our own lives, I would like to offer a suggestion for a New Year’s resolution relevant to all banjo players.

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Learn Melodic Style 5 String Banjo With G Scales

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 15, 2016 1:11:36 PM / by David Bandrowski posted in Playing Tips, Melodic Style, Scales

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When I was learning how to play 5 string banjo, there were 3 main styles of 3 finger playing - Scruggs Style, Reno Style, and Melodic or Keith style. Today one might argue that there is a more modern style called Fleck style - but that is for another conversation. 

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Learn How To Play Clawhammer Banjo

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 8, 2016 6:20:34 PM / by David Bandrowski posted in Playing Tips, banjo video, clawhammer, Learning Banjo

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Have you always wanted to learn to play clawhammer banjo? Do you know what clawhammer banjo is? Maybe you have played it before...but then again, a little reminder wouldn't hurt, right?

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New Must Have Banjo Holiday Stocking “Picks” from Deering!

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 2, 2016 11:55:09 AM / by Carolina Bridges posted in News

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I love filling stockings at Christmas, don’t you? The hardest part is finding those extra special things to bring a smile to their faces. Let me tell you about our brand new Deering Banjos accessories and how they can make Christmas merrier for that special banjo player in your life.

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Starting Out Successfully On Banjo

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 29, 2016 11:14:23 AM / by Bennett Sullivan posted in Artist Features, Playing Tips, beginners banjo

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When I get questions from players who are having a hard time progressing with their playing, the challenge is almost always something that could have been prevented when they were just starting out. It’s always more fun to imagine being an amazing banjo player, playing fancy things really fast, than it is to struggle through things like fingerings, timing, and soloing.

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