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    Deering Banjo at The Edge of The Grand Canyon!

    Jamie: During the Epic Road Trip with the Deering Banjo Bus in 2013 we visited the Grand Canyon and got to hear what it is like to pick on the edge! We are happy to get to share this moment with you in the video above. Playing an original tune of his called “Walking Bob” is… Read more

  • Carolina Bridges

    Picks Or No Picks: Take Your Pick!

    The world is full of accessories for everything we do! Banjos are no exception. One of the most important accessories you will purchase is your finger picks and thumb picks. I have a great “collection” of picks and find abundant joy in exploring the different types that are available. But, the “experts” do have some… Read more

  • Barry Hunn

    How To Tune Any Banjo Like A Guitar

    Banjos for Guitarists A customer recently called us asking “which banjos can be tuned like a guitar.”  After reflecting on the question, I said, “They all can!” One of my coworkers looked at me with a questioning face and said “what do you mean they all can?” So, rather than spout some clever arguments about… Read more

  • Barry Hunn

    6-String Banjo Set Ups

    Unlike a guitar, the 6 string banjo can have its voice dramatically altered by the player.  Brighter, warmer, less sustain, more sustain, more mid-range emphasis, etc., by merely changing a couple of components and making adjustments. This “guitar players’ banjo” can meet any musician’s needs.  Here’s how: Bright and Crisp:   For the brightest, crispest… Read more

  • Scott Avett

    New Avett Brothers Video

    During their recent visit to The Tonight Show, Deering Banjo artist – The Avett Brothers played John Denver’s “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” in the show’s music room.  Check it out now!