• David Bandrowski

    8 Great Banjo Camps to Attend This Year

    One of the best ways to dramatically improve your banjo playing is to attend a banjo camp or workshop.  At these events you’ll have one on one action with some of the best banjo players in the world.  They will be happy to help you no matter what skill level you are at. There are… Read more

  • IMG_0361

    Deering Banjo Day Proclaimed in San Diego

    March 3rd, 2015 has officially been declared Deering Banjo Company Day throughout San Diego County. Bill Horn, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, and all of the  County Board of Supervisors of San Diego honored Janet, Greg, and Jamie Deering for the 40th Anniversary of the Deering Banjo Company at their Board of Supervisors meeting…. Read more

  • Barry Hunn

    Is One Banjo Style More Difficult than Another?

    We are asked regularly, is Bluegrass style finger picking more difficult than Clawhammer?  Is Clawhammer more difficult than finger picking? Is plectrum/tenor style with a flat pick easier than Bluegrass style finger picking? These questions usually stem from two issues: A customer who wants to play the banjo but doesn’t have the confidence to choose… Read more

  • Deering Banjo Strings

    What Makes a Good Banjo String?

    The “wire” for instruments is called music wire.  This name does have industrial meaning because it denotes the alloy, temper, hardness, resilience, and tensile strength of the wire, as compared to electrical wire, copper wire, etc. The wire for banjo strings is the same wire used in acoustic guitars, mandolins, pianos, dulcimers ,electric guitars, pedal… Read more

  • David Bandrowski

    4 Great Ways To Learn To Play the Banjo

    Learning to play the banjo these days is easier than ever.  With the popularity of the banjo and acoustic music growing at a record pace, there are more tools to learn with as well as other musicians to play with. Here are some great ways to learn: Find a Local Teacher You can find a local… Read more