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Sep 18.2020

Deering Does Nashville - Ashley Campbell

Earlier in the year, we had the chance to visit with Deering Banjo artist Ashley Campbell at her home in Nashville, TN for a quick chat and some pickin'! 

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The Benefits of a Banjo with a Radiused Fingerboard

Traditionally, banjo fingerboards have been flat surfaces, just like classical guitars.  Steel string guitars have traditionally been built with fingerboards...

Don’t Wait Too Long

A friend of mine of 30 years called me a few days ago and told me he had finally ordered himself a beautiful custom Hartford banjo. Our conversation brought to...

Jul 2.2015

David Holt Reviews the New 12 Inch Vega Old Tyme Wonder Banjo

The world class clawhammer banjoist David Holt took the time recently to review our new Vega Old Time Wonder banjo that features a 12 inch rim.

John Rankin Interview With His New Goodtime Solana 6

New Orleans guitarist John Rankin plays and talks about his new Deering Goodtime Solana 6 banjo and why it is the perfect 6-string banjo for him.

Banjo Response and Playability

A customer who plays an inexpensive Chinese made banjo called me and was confounded by not getting it to sound the way he wanted. 

May 8.2015

4 Reasons Why Playing the Best Banjo You Can Afford Will Make You a Better Player

You have probably heard the old saying “buy cheap, buy twice”, probably within the context of justifying spending a little more money on a much better...

May 1.2015
Jan 28.2015

Why Do Performing Artists Choose Deering Banjos?

We all have our heroes - folks we admire and want to imitate. Whether it is choosing their running shoes, their golf clubs, or their instruments, we feel...

Nov 4.2014

Quality Banjo Parts - Does It Matter?

A customer asked me a great question the other day when I was extolling the virtues of Goodtime banjos. I was talking about the classical purity of tone;...

Goodtime vs. New Goodtime Americana Video Comparison

The combination of the new Grand 12" rim and Renaissance head gives the new Goodtime Americana a much deeper, fuller tone compared to the original Goodtime....

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