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The Difference Between Tuning and Key

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 9, 2015 6:42:30 PM / by David Bandrowski posted in Playing Tips, banjo tuning, Music Theory

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I have a number of students who have trouble understanding the difference between the key of a song and the tuning of their banjo or they feel they can only play in the key of G if their banjo is tuned to open G tuning.  I’ll try to clear this up here.

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How To Change Your Banjo Strings

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 11, 2013 2:22:23 PM / by David Bandrowski posted in Banjo Set Up, banjo tuning, Deering Tech, Your Deering

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How Banjos Work

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 19, 2012 4:59:27 PM / by Barry Hunn posted in 5-String Banjo, banjo lesson, banjo maintenance, Banjo Set Up, banjo tips, banjo tuning, Greg Deering, Your Deering

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For a musician, the banjo offers acoustic power, super responsiveness to any kind of touch, brightness that can cut through the sound of an ensemble, warmth and richness to accompany voices and other instruments, and a tone character that is completely unique in the world of musical instruments. But how does all this happen?

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Inspiring the Non-Player

[fa icon="calendar'] May 17, 2012 12:43:31 PM / by Carolina Bridges posted in 5-String Banjo, Playing Tips, banjo tips, banjo tuning, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Email Articles, How To Play, steve martin, Terry Baucom

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What stops someone from playing banjo? Is it the belief that banjo “is too hard” to play?  Is it because “I can’t find a teacher”? Is it because “they don’t like the sound of banjo music”? Let’s take a good look at the non-player and see what it might take to inspire them to begin to play the banjo.

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How To Tune A Banjo

[fa icon="calendar'] Feb 3, 2012 5:14:11 PM / by David Bandrowski posted in 5-String Banjo, Playing Tips, banjo tuning, how to tune a banjo, Tenor Banjo, Your Deering

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5-String Banjo

G, D, G, B, D

The most standard 5-string banjo tuning.  This is referred to as "Open G" Tuning because the banjo is tuned to an open G chord, meaning that if you strum the banjo without fingering any of the strings on the neck you will be playing a G chord.

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