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Strings: The Wonderful World of Wire

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 20, 2012 12:25:50 PM / by Barry Hunn posted in banjo maintenance, Banjo Set Up, banjo strings, dunlop strings, strings, Your Deering

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For a musician who loves their banjo and loves practicing and playing, enjoys the nuances of technique and the magic of the emotional communication in playing music in general, it’s kind of a romantic disappointment to think of banjo strings as “music wire.”  On the positive side, music wire, by definition does have alloy parameters that define the general properties of strings.  Music wire is tough, hard, and resilient with great tensile strength.  Each manufacturer of strings chooses music wire alloys to create a certain tone, or to reduce the cost of string manufacturing or to increase life, volume, and other sound or performance related goals.

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Stainless Steel Frets vs. Nickel Silver Frets

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 10, 2012 4:18:57 PM / by Barry Hunn posted in banjo maintenance, Banjo Set Up, Frets, Your Deering

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Nickel silver alloy is the most common metal used for fret wire for banjos, guitars and mandolins.  It is a good material because it conforms to fingerboards well and resists skin acids, oils, and tarnish well.  For most players, it is durable and lasts a long time.

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Bela Fleck Interview

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 11, 2012 11:48:35 AM / by David Bandrowski posted in Artist Features, artist interviews, banjo maintenance, Banjo Set Up, Bela Fleck, bridges

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Bela Fleck recently visited the Deering factory and had a chance to sit down with Janet Deering and discuss banjo tone, banjo bridges, and his current projects he is working on.
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How To Tighten Your Banjo Head

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 20, 2012 5:06:20 PM / by Carolina Bridges posted in banjo head, banjo maintenance, Your Deering

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