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How Banjo Head Tension Affects Your Tone

[fa icon="calendar'] May 10, 2018 2:39:00 PM / by David Bandrowski posted in banjo head, banjo maintenance, Banjo Set Up

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One of the most important aspects of your banjo set up is the head tension. Changes to your banjo head tension dramatically affect the tone of your banjo. It can also alter the playability of your banjo. Luckily, this is one of the easiest parts of banjo setup to take care of yourself.

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How Much Does a Banjo Head Affect the Sound of a Banjo?

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 20, 2018 12:56:54 PM / by Jamie Latty posted in banjo head

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Originally written by Carolina Bridges

The wonder of banjo heads is how easy they make it for banjo players to change the sound of their banjos if they want to! By adjusting their existing banjo head tension or changing the head out for a different one, they can make some pretty dramatic changes to the sound of their banjo!

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Advances in the Goodtime Banjo: Why do they sound so good?

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 3, 2018 8:17:00 PM / by Carolina Bridges posted in banjo head, Banjo Shopping Advice, Goodtime

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While I like to tease customers that it is the “magic banjo fairy dust” that we sprinkle on each of our banjos before they ship that makes them sound so good, the truth is we continually focus on improving each and every component of our banjos to improve their sound and ease of performance.

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How To Tighten Your Banjo Head

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 20, 2012 5:06:20 PM / by Carolina Bridges posted in banjo head, banjo maintenance, Your Deering

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