New Deering Phoenix Acoustic/Electric 6-String Banjo Arrives in Dealerships

by David Bandrowski

New Deering Phoenix 6-String Banjo Now in Stores

Officially launched at the 2012 winter NAMM trade show in Anaheim, CA, the light weight 6-string banjo with 2 pickups and volume & blend controls is now shipping to Deering Banjo Dealers throughout the world.  One Seattle dealer had his less than 2 weeks when it was played and purchased by one of the world’s most famous musicians.

What makes this banjo so different?

The Phoenix features both a piezo and a humbucker Kavanjo® pickup mounted to a Renaissance head, offering a well balanced tone across all six strings. The blend control allows the player to truly dial in their tone to suit their style and sits alongside a master volume control, offering unprecedented control of their sound to suit any situation. The new patent pending bridge plate is designed to increase the sustain of each note played, while taming unwanted feedback, both of which further enhance the tone of the Phoenix. Unplugged, the acoustic sound of the Phoenix allows it to live up to its name as a true acoustic/electric banjo, producing a warm, round, and rich sound without too much brightness, largely due to the Renaissance head. This latest banjo is Deering innovation at its finest.

Along with the tonal and amplification advantages offered by the Phoenix, there is a new state of the art thermo set polymer finish on the hardware in a stunning antique gold which makes it virtually tarnish free and hypoallergenic. The violin grade maple rim and neck receive a rich dark amber stain and satin finish. Rounding out the overall aesthetic of the banjo is a white banner with the Deering name on the peghead and white dot fingerboard inlay markers.

Deering Banjo Company was founded in 1975 and has grown to become the largest manufacturer of American made banjos in the world. Located in Spring Valley, CA, Deering produces all of its quality 4-string, 5-string, 6-string, and 12-string banjos in the same US facility located in Spring Valley, CA and boasts the most knowledgeable team in the industry. Always on the cutting edge of banjo innovation, Deering is proud to have artists such as Bela Fleck, Mumford & Sons, Steve Martin, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, the Avett Brothers, and Dropkick Murphys play their banjos. Visit to learn more about Deering Banjos or call their toll free number 800-845-7791.

Deering Phoenix Acoustic/Electric 6-String Banjo


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