Announcing the New Goodtime G6SR 6-String Banjo

by David Bandrowski

Deering is happy to announce the new Goodtime G6SR 6-String banjo. This banjo fills a void in the Goodtime 6-string banjo lineup as it features a resonator (the back of a banjo - some banjos have open backs and others have resonators). The addition of the resonator gives the banjo more projection of tone, making it louder and brighter to the player's audience.

The new Goodtime G6SR also differs from its other Goodtime 6-string banjo brethren by featuring a Midnight Maple fingerboard. The Midnight Maple fingerboard is a pressure stained piece of maple, giving it a charcoal color which contrasts beautifully with the blonde maple wood on the rest of the banjo.

The 6 string banjo is tuned and played just like a guitar. If you are a guitar player, just play your licks and have them feel fresh and new on the new Goodtime G6SR 6-string banjo. This is a great banjo for bluegrass flatpicking, rock & roll, blues, jazz, and much more!

Find out the full list of specs and more about the Goodtime G6SR here.  <>


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