8 Great Banjo Camps to Attend This Year

by David Bandrowski

One of the best ways to dramatically improve your banjo playing is to attend a banjo camp or workshop.  At these events you'll have one on one action with some of the best banjo players in the world.  They will be happy to help you no matter what skill level you are at. There are also jams that take place late into the night and concerts.  You'll be sure to come home inspired.

There are many banjo workshops and camps taking place all around the country every year.  These are just a few highlighted events.

Kruger Brothers Academy

April 30th - May 3rd
Wilkesboro, NC

Featuring the Kruger Brothers and all four members of the Kontras Quartet.

Offering individual instrument classes in guitar, banjo, bass (upright and bass guitar), violin, viola, and cello.
Also offering for the first time a lecture about singing.

You might say they’ve outgrown the studio. Holding the event at a nearby, newly renovated hotel. This allows participants the opportunity for longer jam sessions and interaction among participants, with The Kruger Brothers and with the Kontras. Short and simple; it just gives everyone more time.

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Suwannee Banjo Camp

March 27th - 29th
Live Oak, FL

Come study 5-string banjo with some of today’s best players and teachers. Our program features hands-on classes, demonstrations, and two big faculty concerts, and still leaves lots of time for jamming with your fellow banjo enthusiasts.

SBC offers serious instruction in clawhammer, old-time fingerpicking, and bluegrass banjo styles. In addition, we offer introductions to both minstrel banjo and the west-African banjo ancestor known as akonting (ekonting) If you don’t have your own ekonting, contact us ahead of time and instruments can be provided.

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Banjo Camp North

May 15th - 17th
Charlton, MA

Banjo Camp North is a three-day celebration of the five-string banjo, featuring instruction, demonstrations, concerts, and jamming presented by some of the best and best-known banjoists on the planet. They provide in-depth instruction in Bluegrass, Old Time and Folk styles.

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Phone: 401-487-3536

Midwest Banjo Camp

June 5th - 7th
Olivet, MI

Come study old-time or bluegrass banjo with some of today's best players and teachers in both styles. Their program features hands-on classes, demonstrations, two faculty concerts, and still leaves lots of time for jamming with your fellow banjo enthusiasts.

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RockyGrass Academy

Steve Kaufman Acoustic Kamp

June 14th - 27th
Knoxville, TN

Their special Kamps are designed to gather musicians of all levels from around the globe with common goals-learning, playing, eating and sleeping music. Whether you are a beginner's beginner or a seasoned professional, each Kamp's classes and activities will inspire and challenge you. Their intent is to maintain a non-competitive, learning atmosphere that will encourage you to grow musically and seek out new ways of playing your instrument.

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The Swannanoa Gathering

August 2nd - 8th
Asheville, NC

Mando & Banjo Week features classes in two of the instruments that are at the core of several of the most popular folk genres, including bluegrass, old-time, Irish and Scottish, as well as some of the more adventurous blendings of traditional and jazz flavors known variously as ‘newgrass’ or ‘new acoustic’ music. For the mandolin students, we also offer classes in classical mandolin, improvisation, traditional swing/jazz, and new classes on fiddle tunes and playing lyrically, while the banjo students can sample a variety of classes in three-finger plucked or clawhammer styles including a new class on using the banjo in meditation.

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American Banjo Camp

September 11th - 13
Nordland, WA

Spend a weekend away from the toil and cares of everyday life, with nothing to do but learn about the 5-string banjo or fiddle or guitar or some other instrument from world-famous teachers, play in jams, eat delicious food, and possibly even sleep!

The American Banjo Camp takes place on the first weekend after Labor Day each year at a spectacularly scenic converted fort on the Puget Sound.

ABC is a camp for adults of all ages (students under 18 may attend if accompanied by a parent). There you can study old-time or bluegrass banjo with world-class instructors. Or you can take classes in fiddle, guitar, stand-up bass, or mandolin.

The schedule is packed with hands-on classes and faculty concerts as well as dozens of jamming opportunities. An "Extra Day" offers a band scramble, student open mic, hosted jams, and panel sessions.

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