Wes Corbett | Deering Live Shorts

by Jamie Latty

Let's jump back a few weeks when we had the pleasure of hosting the wonderful Wes Corbett. 

This was a really fun episode. Within minutes of speaking with Wes Corbett, it was clear that we were in the presence of someone who redefines the bluegrass mold. Wes has a deep musical background, rooted in learning piano before the age of 3, which has shaped his bluegrass direction a little differently. Then, at 15 he discovered Bela Fleck and his whole world changed. 

He is a banjo prodigy, a virtuoso player with an exceptional command of the instrument. He speaks clearly and articulates the concepts of arranging, composition and technique in ways that anyone can understand. 

A wonderful, down-to-earth human being. We look forward to many more conversations, but in the meantime, here are a few of his shorts from his Deering Live episode from June. 

Check out Wes at his website - wescorbett.com/

Watch the full episode and more - deeringbanjos.com/deeringlive

Leave your thoughts below in the comments! 


Importance of Wrist Position

Playing with Sam Bush

Making 'Cascade'




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