Chord Voices For Genres Outside Of Bluegrass with Ryan Cavanaugh

by David Bandrowski

On this week's Deering Live episode we are bringing by 5-string banjo wizard Ryan Cavanaugh to talk about how to comp chords on the 5-string banjo for genres outside of bluegrass. 

Ryan is one of the few 5-string banjoists who can truly play modern jazz and funk. He spent a decade touring in Europe with monster fusion saxophone player Bill Evans under the recommendation of guitar god John McLaughlin. 

In this episode, I'll be talking with Ryan about playing chords in a number of 20th Century musical styles starting with New Orleans jazz and moving through swing, bebop, modal jazz, fusion, funk, and rock.

During the episode, Ryan will be making reference to a number of songs as examples. Please check out the accompanying Spotify playlist below.  Ryan plays our Deering Tenbrooks Legacy banjo. Learn more about this banjo here!


And if you want to check out some of Ryan's playing, here is a great example of what he is capable of! 



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