The LA Bluegrass Situation...a Can't Miss Line-Up!

by Jamie Deering

The Bluegrass Situation is roots culture redefined and does one thing particularly well: they cover good music. It is that time of year where they bring their musical finds together and put on a hell of a bash featuring several of their favorite bands at The LA Bluegrass Situation! Will you be there?

We have enthusiastically watched and participated in the growth of the Bluegrass Situation, the brainchild of Ed Helms and Amy Reitnouer, since its inception in 2012. It was a needed balm to a void many of us felt who reside in the Southern California area. We had little news or community outlet for our love of roots music. This seems to have morphed into a West Coast roots music revival on a new level, adding to other endeavors who have been making headway in this area such as Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in San Francisco, Stagecoach in Indio, and new member to the group Long Beach Folk Revival Fest.

The name "Bluegrass Situation" doesn't really do it justice. Bluegrass of course is what they are passionate about, but it goes far beyond that. It takes us to a new wave of artists and fans who are pushing the boundaries of this historic and evolving genre. It takes us to the musicians who inspired them; who helped create the sound that today transcends generations. From Bill Monroe to the Avett Brothers, "The Sitch" as many so affectionately call it, is the resource in reporting and promoting good music, and the culture surrounding it.

They have outdone themselves once again in their pursuits with the line-up for their annual LA event October 3rd...being held at the historic Greek Theater to boot! Featuring incredible headliners Dawes and Punch Brothers, as well as renowned supporting acts like The Lone Bellow and Della Mae. You can see the entire stellar line-up here:

BGS2015 LA Bluegrass Situation 2015 Line-up!

This is one event not to miss. Each year is memorable and the only festival in the heart of Los Angeles where you can spend time with your roots music community!

Head over here to get your tickets!


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