Stephen Wade | Deering Live Shorts

by Jamie Latty

This week, we hosted an enlightening conversation with the one and only Stephen Wade. Deering Live Shorts is a quick collection of our favorite highlights of each episode of Deering Live, and so here are a few highlights from our conversation with Stephen yesterday. 

“Among the enduring Washington institutions- the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the inaugural parade- it will soon be necessary to include Stephen Wade.”  – WASHINGTON POST

If you are unfamiliar with Stephen Wade, he is a true scholar of American folk music. He wrote the critically acclaimed book on American field recordings, 'The Beautiful Music All Around Us'. He is a Grammy-nominated recording artist, is also a critically acclaimed playwright best known for his hit one-man show Banjo Dancing, which he presented nightly at Washington's Arena Stage for over a decade. He even performed at the White House for President Carter.  In the show, he plays a variety of banjos, including his Deering made Vega #2 banjo. 

Wild Bill Jones


What's In a Name?


In Keeping with Tradition


Spanish Fandango


40 Years of Banjo Dancing



Find out more about Stephen:


Watch The Full Episode - Stephen Wade








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