Riley Baugus | Deering Live Shorts

by Jamie Latty

On July 8th, we hosted the legendary Riley Baugus on Deering Live. Deering Live Shorts is a quick collection of our favorite highlights of each episode of Deering Live, and so here are a few highlights from our conversation with Riley.

Riley plays in the Round Peak style which is a style that comes from his home county in North Carolina, Surry County. Riley has recorded with Robert Plant, Willie Nelson, Alison Kraus, and many more. He also sang on the Academy Award-nominated soundtrack for the movie Cold Mountain.

This was easily one of my personal favorite episodes. Riley is a true gentleman, and just exudes positivity and a desire to share his profound knowledge with others. You can't help but be drawn in by his infectious sense of humor and warm heart. 

If you are interested in taking lessons with Riley, you can contact him through his site -


John Brown's Dream

Undone Sorrow

Singing and Playing

Round Peak Banjo Style

Influence of Tommy Jarrel




Watch The Full Episode - Riley Baugus



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