Jamie Deering Nominated For IBMA Momentum Award

by David Bandrowski

Jamie Deering

Congratulations and good luck to Jamie Deering who is head of Artist Relations for Deering Banjos in being nominated for an IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) Momentum Award.

The Momentum Awards were instituted in 2012 to recognize both musicians and bluegrass industry professionals who, while in the early stages of their careers, have contributed to, or had an influence on, bluegrass music. These contributions can be to bluegrass music in general, or done in a specific part of the industry.  

"One of the distinctive features of the bluegrass world is that the peak years of careers are often measured in decades, even as we welcome an abundance of new artists and industry professionals into the ranks,” said Jon Weisberger, IBMA Board chair. “So as our top artists and professionals continue to enjoy recognition from their peers through its annual awards, the IBMA's Board of Directors saw a need to salute some of the best and brightest among those who are closer to the beginnings of their careers, and created the Momentum Awards--noteworthy for including not just singers, pickers and bands, but events or venues and professionals--as a vehicle for drawing attention to their achievements.”

Starting with recommendations from the IBMA membership, nominees are chosen by committees through a multi-stage process involving respected musicians and industry leaders in the bluegrass world.

“Momentum Award nominees and recipients are chosen by small committees of whose members' experiences and vantage points within the industry give them the broad awareness and perspective needed to make good choices,” said Weisberger.  “Though the awards are just a couple of years old, they're already helping to create new fans and new opportunities."

The 2014 Momentum Awards are sponsored by The Mast Farm Inn,  AirPlay Direct, the Boston Bluegrass Union , and the California Bluegrass Association.


Click here for a full list of IBMA Momentum Award Nominees


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