Introducing the Vega Vintage Star

by David Bandrowski

We are excited to introduce the new Vega Vintage Star banjo! The Vintage Star is a banjo that captures the soul of a 19th century banjo, but with the playability and adjustability of a modern instrument. At the heart of this new banjo by Deering is a brass Dobson style tone ring that is fitted on a thinner 12" 3-ply maple rim. This pot assembly gives the banjo a classic old time tone. Woody yet full and a touch of brightness. Learn about the history of the Dobson tone ring here.

The neck features a stunning exotic smoky ebony fingerboard that radiates character. This fingerboard really makes the banjo stand out among others. The figuring on each fingerboard is different and makes each Vintage Star a unique banjo all its own. 

Keeping in the vintage vibe but with a modern twist is the frosty bronze powder coated hardware. This has the look of an older instrument, but it will not tarnish and is hypoallergenic. Along with the matching curly maple armrest, it makes for a truly comfortable and enjoyable playing experience.

Learn more about the new Vega Vintage Star here!


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