Ian McFadyen

by David Bandrowski

With a musical journey that has led him from Earl Scruggs to Jimi Hendrix to Pearl Jam, Ian has developed a unique and undeniably powerful banjo sound. Fascinated by his father’s abandoned banjo, at age 9, Ian began pickin' in earnest.  He went on to be quite an accomplished bluegrass player, winning first place in numerous competitions throughout Southern California; but ultimately, his rocker soul prevailed.  In the 90’s, he purchased his first Deering Crossfire and tore up the infamous Sunset Strip playing in alternative bands while developing his “Crossfire style” of banjo playing which incorporates 3 finger, single string, and electric guitar playing techniques.  Shredding with distortion and wah pedal in full effect, he currently fronts the banjo-fueled roots rock band 50 Sticks of Dynamite out of Ventura, CA.


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Apr 28.2016

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