Willow Osborne Visits Deering

by Jamie Latty

Willow Osborne recently stopped by the Deering shop to play some banjos and talk about what she has been up to of late.

It was such a great day of filming, with Willow performing demos on our Goodtime Special models, as well as a cool performance with her partner Jesse.

Willow has been playing banjo since she was 4 years old and recalls receiving an email from Janet Deering back when she was just 11 years old and has been playing Deering ever since! Willow also takes the time to talk about what she loves about her banjos. 

Willow also took the time to share her thoughts on the Goodtime banjos that she had a chance to play, and speaks very highly of them! 


Now, this may be a divisive point, but I personally love it when I see a banjo, or any instrument that has been truly played. My own instruments have dings and dents and I can recall where most of them came from and they all create memories. 

In the interview, Willow talks affectionately about how her banjos have been a part of her life and that they have the marks and scratches to prove it. So when I held her Calico, I took it to Sam to have the nut repaired, but took the opportunity to shoot some of the close up markings of her banjo. 

After all, sure this is a Deering Calico, but this is the only one like it. I imagine that Willow can see certain markings on her banjo and remember how they got there. Or maybe her banjo is simply a physcal memory of the work, sweat, dedication, travel time, late nights, early mornings, rushing to the next gig she has put into her craft from an incredibly young age. 

It was a real pleasure hanging with Willow and Jesse. Check them out on Instagram! 

@willowandjessemusic or @willowosborne

Take a look at the images and share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Willow Osborne Calico Close Up (3)Willow Osborne Calico Close Up (5)Willow Osborne Calico Close Up (8)Willow Osborne Calico Close Up (9)Willow Osborne Calico Close Up (16)

Willow Osborne Calico Close Up (7)

Willow Osborne Calico Close Up (3)

Willow Osborne Calico Close Up (21)



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