Giving Back in Europe with Mumford & Sons

by Jamie Deering

Continuing with the spirit of giving to the communities welcoming them, Mumford & Sons and Deering Banjos bring you the European Charity Banjos! A Custom one-of-a-kind banjo was made for each country the band is visiting on their May tour. Countries including: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Holland, and Belgium.

These unique banjos are being auctioned off on eBay, with proceeds going to meaningful human needs charities local to the areas they are playing. These address areas such as homelessness, children in need, food to the hungry, elderly care and much more. The full list of charities is below.

European Charity Goodtime BanjosFrom the coloring of the inlays and metal plating, chosen based on the individual country colors; to the country shape and name branded into the peghead, these banjos represents the countries they were made for beautifully!

The European Charity Banjos are modeled after Deering Banjo’s newly released Artisan Goodtime Banjo line, each hand-crafted with pearloid scroll inlays set into a Midnight Maple Fingerboard. The drum head of the banjo, made by Remo Drums, bears the Mumford & Sons Wings logo of their 2016 tour and is personally signed by each member of the band!


Mumford & Sons France Mumford & Sons with the France Charity Banjo

These are the worthy charities throughout Europe benefiting from each Mumford & Sons European Charity Banjo Auction:

Mumford & Sons Euro pegheads


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