BB Bowness | Deering Live Shorts

by Jamie Latty

We had BB Bowness join us on Deering Live a couple of weeks ago, and it was a real pleasure! 

BB Bowness hails from the small town of Marton, New Zealand. If we looked up "worlds most popular banjo destinations", New Zealand would not be at the top of that list. This is what makes BB Bowness so special. We loved hearing her stories of first being introduced to the banjo, and how traveling to the US bluegrass festivals played such a huge role in her growth. 

BB talks about why she doesn't encourage the use of tabs, and how she wishes that more classical music came from the minds of banjo players. 

This was a really wonderful conversation from one of the true talents in banjo music. So check out her Deering Live Shorts! 

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Leave your thoughts below in the comments! 

Teaching Philosophy

Prelude in C# Minor

Banjo In New Zealand

Bach / Fiddle Tune Medley


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