We had a really great time visiting with Ashley Campbell at the Deering Factory this last week and would like to introduce her to you all. She is a delightful person and quite a talented banjo player. We are proud to welcome her into the family of Deering Artists!

Ashley Campbell grew up in Phoenix, Arizona but now calls Los Angeles home. When Ashley was cast in a play set in old Kentucky, the director asked her if she could learn to play the banjo for the show. She agreed, having always wanted to learn the banjo, and instantly fell in love with the 5-string and bluegrass. Since then, she has been on several world tours with her father, Glen Campbell, (including Australia, New Zealand, the UK and all over the United States) as his banjo player/keyboardist. Whenever she passes through Nashville while on tour, she spends time studying banjo with her godfather, Carl Jackson.

Ashley has another project called Victoria Ghost with her brother Shannon. In this she plays the banjo, Shannon plays guitar and together they have some very pretty vocal harmonies. They have been working on this while on tour and at home. Click here to keep an eye out for updates on this project.  

Enjoy a nice hello from Ashley in this short video and some picking on her Deering Sierra banjo!


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