Tale Pieces: Chris Ivanovich

by Carolina Bridges

The tales of our collective adventures and misadventures with the banjo are many. We all have at least ONE.

This new section of our newsletter has been created so we can SHARE those “tale pieces” with one another.  I hope you will all be inspired to send us your own story, and even a picture!

Here is Chris' tale:

I’m driving from Denver, CO to Savannah, GA to visit a banjo playing buddy of mine for a week and sit in with his band on a few gigs.

I’m just on the outskirts of Macon, GA driving WAY too fast down I-95 when the State Patrol nails me.

I pull over, and, looking through my rearview mirror, see the officer step out of his car.  It’s like a nightmare out of a movie.  He’s got it ALL going on – shiny boots, crisp uniform, mirrored sunglasses and the omnipresent “Smokey the Bear” hat.

I’m screwed.  Out of state plates.  Mid-20s kid.  At least 20 mph over the speed limit.  Yankee in the Heart of Georgia just Flaunting the Law.

I’m screwed.

The officer comes up to the car and says, “Where’s the fire, son?”

“I’m sorry,” I reply. “I’m playing a gig in Savannah tonight and I don’t know if I’m going to make it.”

“Whaddaya play, boy?”

“Banjo,” I respond, sheepishly, and point to the back of the car where you can see it riding in the back window.

He looks at me, looks at the banjo and says:

“Get out of here.”


"The world is not mad, as I thought, but sane in the cheapest way."
Hunter S. Thompson

OK, Folks, it’s sharing time. I know you all have GREAT banjo tales to tell.  Please send them in to us so we can all laugh, cry, sigh, and sing the praises of life with a banjo.

Send them to carolinabridges@deeringbanjos.com.


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