Remembering Earl

by Janet Deering

Janet Deering with Earl Scruggs

Earl was a life changing individual whose music touched so many people, myself included. Were it not for the popularity of Earl’s banjo style Greg and I would not have succeeded in starting our fledgling banjo company in 1975. The love of Flatt and Scruggs banjo music put food on our table while we hand crafted bluegrass banjos for people all over the world.  Almost all of our early customers played Earl’s three finger style of banjo and their enthusiasm for the banjo made it possible for our family business to grow and prosper.

I have had the privilege of meeting Earl Scruggs at the IBMA show in Nashville several times. He was a genuinely respectful and warm hearted person.  He always treated Greg and myself as friends even though we made Deering banjos, while he had endorsed an older brand for many years. We have Earl Scruggs to thank for our livelihood and for his part in inspiring  the magic of bluegrass music that people enjoy playing every day.   His music is a part of the fabric of America and his memory will live on in our hearts.

- Janet Deering

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Kristin Scott Benson chooses the Deering Golden Series banjos
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