Please Welcome the New Gentlemen of The Road Goodtime Banjo

by Jamie Deering

While bringing banjo and Mumford & Sons fans the Charity Banjo Campaign, we have received countless requests for a Mumford & Sons banjo that is affordable and inspiring to both learn on and travel the road with.  Through much collaboration on what this banjo should be and what band art should grace its neck and skin, it is our great pleasure to present to you the Gentlemen of The Road Goodtime Banjo

The GOTR Banjo is based on our Goodtime Openback model, which is renowned as the top learning banjo by teachers as well as a great option for players on the go. Easy to play, durable and simple to maintain. At only 4 pounds, the weight makes it ideal for both children and adults to play and travel with.

Learn More About the GOTR Goodtime Banjo

Gentlemen of the Road (GOTR) encompasses the work the band members of Mumford & Sons do with the opportunity they have to tour the world and meet fascinating wonderful people. It is their way of bringing their community of music lovers together with those communities they encounter.

We make banjos that bring joy and a healing through music to people and communities all over the world. This is rewarding in and of itself. To see what Mumford & Sons began doing back in 2012 through GOTR, we found there was a common thread we share. We have the drive to see that what we do is more than what we produce. We want to take the place we have arrived to and help. The band state this feeling and mission so well on their Gentlemen of The Road website:   

“We really believe in the importance of community. They come in many shapes and sizes and are often evolving beasts and require engagement and commitment to thrive. Whenever we have the opportunity to enter into a new community with Gentlemen of The Road our first job is to listen. We have learnt so much from groups of people over the years and it never ceases to blow us away just how powerful a communicative and collaborative group of people can be.”

- Ben Lovett

“When planning a GOTR event we work hard to ensure it’s a collaboration with the town. Much of our own motivation comes from the idea of legacy, quite simply, leaving a place better than we found it.”

- Ted Dwane

“We want people to feel loved rather than used at our shows. For people to feel included as participants rather than just invited as passengers. So GOTR, having started from the four of us and our manager putting a name to what we thought we were trying to do, has now grown into something much larger. It’s a vehicle through which we get to do things the way we wanted to. With promoting shows, with charitable impact, with our own record label, our own merchandise. It’s the good ship GOTR in which we sail. Most places we go and we’re excited about where she takes us next.”

- Ben, Marcus, Ted & Winston

The banjo has long been a grass roots instrument that does much the same thing. It is a sound and a history that has no boundary of gender, race or social status, but reaches into our hearts with a feeling of freedom, unifying people and communities. 

Over the last 8 years, through hundreds of free banjo lessons at Stopover Festivals, 72 custom Goodtime Charity Banjos were auctioned off and raised over $210,000.  The money was given to non-profit organizations on multiple continents who are doing their part in helping their communities and the people in them live happier, healthier lives; Our hearts are full and we are just getting started.

In this spirit, we introduce you to the GOTR Goodtime Banjo.




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