Introducing The Winston Marshall Signature Banjo

by Jamie Deering

Deering Banjos, in close collaboration with Winston Marshall of Mumford & Sons, is honored to announce the new Winston Marshall Signature Model.

Every detail of this banjo has a purpose and is the result of more than a year of design work between Deering and Winston.  Some are by necessity - features that he has adopted over the last eight years of playing Deering Eagle II banjos on some of the biggest stages on the planet. Others reveal themselves as personal aesthetics, sharing a glimpse into the mind of the man who has arguably bought banjo to the forefront of modern popular culture more than anyone before him.

“This is the ultimate touring banjo. 

Whether you’re in a pub or a stadium, your bedroom 

or being broadcasted on TV, this beauty will 

sound great in every scenario.” 

-Winston Marshall

On the surface, one could argue that this banjo is quite understated. However, underneath this smooth simplicity lies a beating heart of banjo innovation. 

The electronics are a key feature of the Winston Marshall Model. The Kavanjo/piezo blended pickups were inspired by a similar system from Deering’s Phoenix banjo, only taken up a notch specifically for Winston’s Signature Model and his touring needs.


“For those stay-at-home banjo players or studio-heads, 

all the pick-up options mean it’s also an exceptionally dynamic recording instrument, with ever greater possibilities of making sounds not heard before. Not to mention, its warm and 

bright acoustic tone for that classic sound.”

-Winston Marshall


On the inside it features a Grenadillo wood Tone Ring which has two benefits. It gives the banjo a significantly lighter weight of just over 8lb, which is heaven sent for players like Winston who like the freedom to really move on stage. At the same time it gives a warm depth of tone while not losing on the bright side of the tonal range. 

The banjo itself is made of the highest-quality materials. Built from beautiful maple wood stained in a rich dark amber and finished in a sleek, understated satin finish. The fingerboard inlays are all Winston!

The Winston Marshall Signature Model is exclusively available through Mumford & Sons, Deering Banjos and


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