Picky Fingers Podcast - Tony Trischka

by Jamie Latty

The Picky Fingers Banjo Podcast is bought to you by Deering Banjos! That's right, your favorite banjo company is now the official sponsor of your favorite banjo podcast. And what better place to start than with banjo virtuoso and Deering Artist, Mr. Tony Trischka! 

Since March of 2018, Keith Billick has produced more than 30 episodes with the likes of Ryan Cavanaugh, Ned Luberecki, Alan Munde, Mike Munford, Greg Cahill, Janet Beazley, and our own Jens Kruger among many others. 

In the meantime, we fully encourage you to take a listen to this current episode with Tony Trischka, as he delves into his humble beginnings as a banjo player, his early influences and the strange looks he got from judges as he embarked on his first banjo contests. He also shares insights into his Deering signature model banjo the Deeering Golden Clipper, as well as the Deering Smile Bridge!

The Picky Fingers Banjo podcast is available across most podcast platforms. 


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