Building A Banjo Solo Tactics

by David Bandrowski


 Our good friend Hank Smith guides you through a couple strategies to help you build a five string banjo solo when playing in the 3 finger style. These two videos use the popular fiddle tune "Blackberry Blossom" as the tune to take off from and build a solo. 

Whether you are at a bluegrass jam, in a band, or just playing around your home, bluegrass banjoists are expected to take a solo. Many banjoists have trouble coming up with ideas that are fresh and original but also keep within the flavor of the tune being played. Hank guides you through these two strategies for creating your solo with his usual articulate, patient, and in depth teaching style.

The first of these strategies Hank explains how to use thematic variations to construct your solo. Whatever version of Blackberry Blossom you originally learned will give you a great deal of information that you can use for your solo.

The second strategy for building a solo that Hank talks about is using melodic patterns. Watch these videos now and learn! 

Thematic Variations

Melodic Patterns


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