5 String Banjo for Beginners - Banjo Rolls

by Jamie Latty

This is the last lesson in this series and we are excited to introduce you to your first banjo rolls, which is the fundamental technique in 3 finger style banjo. 

In the last lesson, your teacher Bob Hamilton (bobhamilton.net) is going to introduce you to your first banjo rolls. Rolls come in a few different varieties and are what largely get people most excited when learning to play the bluegrass banjo. This is largely because it is the "fast" part of the banjo. 

This lesson will incorporate a few of the chords that you have learned over the last few weeks.

So take it slow, take your time and enjoy it! 

Learning banjo rolls

lesson recaps

If you are just discovering these lessons, here is a quick recap and links to the pages. 

Part 1 - Getting Started

Part 2 - Incorporating the C Chord

Part 3 - The F Chord

Part 4 - The D Chord (with A chord bonus!)

Part 5 - The E Chord

Thank you so much for tuning in these last few weeks! Stay tuned for more lessons coming up! 


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