5 String Banjo for Beginners - Incorporating the C Chord

by Jamie Latty

Welcome back to our 5 String for Absolute Beginners series. If you are just tuning in, welcome to our 5 String Banjo for Absolute Beginners series. Last week, we covered the basics of the banjo, how to tune it, as well as your first couple of chords; G and D7. 

This week, we continue on with banjo teacher Bob Hamilton (bobhamilton.net) and look at the C chord, and how we can incorporate that into the G and D7 to create the foundations for a few popular songs. 

The key here will be to spend time practicing transitioning between the chords.

And remember, if you are new to playing stringed instruments, you do not have to grip the neck when you fret a chord. You will be surprised at how light a touch is needed. Keep that in mind as you start these exercises and break one of the most common bad habits early on. 

The C chord


Once you have tried these, let us know are you getting on. Leave your comments and thoughts below! You could even post a video as you play your #banjoforlife. 

Good luck! We will be posting more lessons soon! 


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