Picky FIngers Podcast: Derek Vaden

by Keith Billik

Check out the latest episode of The Picky Fingers Banjo Podcast, hosted by Keith Billik. This show features the D-tuning, Tea-drinking bluegrass superstar Derek Vaden of the legendary Larry Stephenson Band! Topics include his background learning the banjo, his (soon to be viral) hashtag #tunertunethursday, and the importance of being rooted in traditional banjo fundamentals. Special thanks to Jerry Eicher of the Ol' Hippie Bluegrass Show for the use of his studio!

Derek Vaden, originally from Kansas, now makes his home in North Carolina. He has established himself as one of the top young torch-bearers of the traditional hard-driving bluegrass style. If you love great banjo playing (and we know you do), listen to this episode!


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