The Clawhammer Banjo Method - Pt.1

by Jamie Latty

The Clawhammer Banjo Method is by far, the most watched video we have made to date. A clear, concise and approach to one of the most fun, and fastest growing styles of banjo playing today. 

Typically, if you are considering playing a 5 string banjo, then you are very likely going to play 3-finger (bluegrass) style or clawhammer. And if the latter is your preference, this lesson from long-time Deering Sales Manager, Barry Hunn is the perfect place to start.

Dubbed by several followers as the "Bob Ross of Banjo", Barry breaks down this hypnotic technique with his gently paced, reassuring demeanor that so many have praised him for. Just remember to learn slow and play fast! 


Let us know how you get on in the comments section!

Part 2 coming up soon.


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