Banjo Stocking Stuffers

by Carolina Bridges

I don’t know about you, but for me there are always those “special” folks who are hard to buy for. Focusing on their “hobby” is usually a good way to go. So, if you have a special banjo player in your life, I am here to make YOUR shopping experience for them so much easier. Whether it is the 8 days of Hanukkah, the 12 days of Christmas, or the 7 days of Kwanzaa, we are here to offer you a myriad of choices. Here’s a happy list for your holiday pleasure!!

Strings: $6/set

Banjo Strings

A player can ALWAYS use strings. They need to be changed so frequently and having a spare set is always in order.

Most banjo players use light gauge strings on their 5-string banjos. We have chosen our light gauge strings to make the most of the banjo’s sound. For the more vigorous player (translation: beats on his banjo but you “got to love him/her” anyway), choose medium gauge strings, unless they have a Goodtime banjo (only light gauge recommended).

If they play tenor/four string , we have 2 types to choose from. Sneak a peek at his banjo…if it has 17 frets (those metal things across the fingerboard) choose Irish tenor; if not choose standard tenor strings.

Long neck player? Sure….just choose our standard 5-string packages; they work for long necks as well as standard 22-fret scales.

Plectrum 4-string players…You bet! Just choose the 5-string gauges and they will be able to use them; with one extra string left over.

6-string players: Just go to your local music store and choose ACOUSTIC EXTRA LIGHT GAUGE guitar strings. That’s what we install!

Maintenance Tools: $7.00 - $22.95Banjo Maintenance Tools

We have a variety of wrenches that tighten the banjo head and adjust the banjo neck.

T-wrenches: $10.95; so named because they look like a the letter “T”

9/32” for the Goodtime, Vega, Boston banjos
¼” for the upper line Deering resonator banjos
5/16” for the openback upper line Deering and Vega #2, Vega Long Neck
3-way Wrench: This replaces 3 T-wrenches and is compact. Very COOL tool! This is one of those special gadgets that all guys like.

Truss rod wrench: $12.95; ¼” socket wrench; used to adjust the relief of the neck in upper line Deering/Vega/Tenbrooks banjos but not Goodtime banjos.

Care cloth set: $19; individually $7

This is something EVERY SINGLE banjo player needs. He should be wiping down his banjo after every session and the grey cloth is perfect for that. The pink cloth has wax in it to protect the wood of the banjo. The white cloth has heavier duty anti-tarnish remover in it to clean dirtier metal surfaces.

HINT: Guys…buy the grey one for YOUR WIFE/GIRLFRIEND! For $7 you will give her a cloth that is PERFECT for cleaning tarnish from silver jewelry. I use them all the time and my silver just sparkles!! The best stocking stuffer (besides a diamond) you could ever get her!

Banjo AccessoriesDeering Banjo Truss Rod Covers

Cane Toad Pick Pouch: $25; Bluegrass banjo players use picks on their fingers and thumb. While many use old film canisters or cloth bags for their picks, if you want a REALLY UNIQUE gift for them, take a look at this cane toad pick pouch from Australia. The story that comes on a card inside the pouch is a riot. Check it out!!

National Fingerpicks: $11.60/pk of four; Speaking of pick pouches, how about some picks? National picks are prized by many banjo players. A package of 4 fits nicely in that holiday stocking!

Personalized Truss rod cover: $29-45. This is good for folks who have an upper line Deering/Vega/Tenbrooks banjo. You get two lines, 12-15 characters. You can write a special phrase, choose a special date,…use your imagination. Allow 2 weeks until shipping as this is a custom item.

Banjo Mute:$25; While I can’t imagine WHY you would want to mute the beautiful sound of the banjo (), this is certainly the easiest way to do that.  Just slip this Deering Banjo mute around the banjo bridge and you can just hear a soft tinkling, like a music box, while you play your banjo. Ideal practice tool.

Banjo strap: 12.95-52.95;A great variety to choose from. Comfortable and American made straps! Check out the choices and be sure to look at which ones go with which banjo…there is a difference. Call for advice if you need to.
Earl’s Suspender Capo: $12.95. The most non-invasive and convenient 5th string capo a banjo player can use! Recommended to us by George Grove of the Kingston Trio, this elastic band/metal ended 5th string capo is perfect for all banjo players for use when playing out of the key of G…which means everyone as time goes on! Small, clever, convenient…what more could you ask for?

Banjomate armrest: $59. This is the answer or the folks who are allergic to nickel. Made of black corian, this slender, flat armrest is suitable for both Goodtime, Deering, and Vega banjos.

Sticky Picks:  $12.95  Sticky-Picks™ is a specially formulated solution designed to help hold on thumb and finger picks while performing or practicing on many types of stringed instruments.

Special DVDs: $2-$19.95

Made here at the factory are 2 DVDs that we think can help novice banjo players and seasoned players alike.

The 2-finger DVD is for those who have never played a banjo. It is a simple strumming method that we have successfully taught to hundreds of folks we see at festivals throughout the country. Taught by our sales manager, Barry Hunn, folks have been inspired to enter into the joy of playing banjo.

Greg Deering Workshop: Learn from the master himself! Filmed in UK at the annual Eagle Music Shop Deering Days, this dvd will help you learn how to get the most out of your banjo tune up!

Deering ClothingBanjo T-Shirts

Deering Baseball caps: $24This is a great “one size fits all” item. We have three Deering (green, black, and navy) and one in green for our Vega fans.

T-shirts and sweatshirts: $18-44; A wide variety of styles and colors to choose from. While this is of course a size-specific purchase, it is one that your banjo player will use often. Most of our owners love to show their “Deering pride” by wearing Deering gear!

READY…. SET…. SHOP!  Oh yes, and have some fun doing it, ok?


Kristin Scott Benson chooses the Deering Golden Series banjos
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