Deering Takes Banjos "On The Road" in October!

by Jamie Latty

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Deering Banjo Co. is excited to announce the first “Deering On the Road” events, kicking off in October 2015!BanjosOnTheRoad_14__4x6_2Hosted by long-time Deering product specialist Barry Hunn, Deering On The Road events are free to anyone who wants to learn more about the company and our banjos, plus learn about choosing the right banjo for you. The next upcoming events will be:

Mon Oct 19th. 6:30pm          Frankfort, IL               Down Home Guitars             View Event

Wed Oct 21st. 7:00pm           Greenwood, IN           GuitarWorks                          View Event

Thu Oct 22nd. 6:30pm           Lansing, MI                Elderly Instruments             View Event

Take advantage of several one of a kind banjos that Deering will be bringing, as well as special pricing on the night and some free giveaways!

Come along and join Deering On The Road and discover the magic of Deering and experience the elegance of the banjo, a true American icon.


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