Steve Martin soothes us with some Banjo Balm

by Jamie Latty

Our good friend Mr. Steve Martin took the world on a soothing 79 second journey by posting some "banjo balm" to his Twitter feed.

The comedian and long time banjo player used an exquisite clawhammer technique to play a gentle reprieve with his Deering Clawgrass banjo; the signature model of Mark Johnson who famously taught Steve how to play this particular technique. 

And it has not gone unnoticed! The video was picked up by who called it "the soothing banjo balm you didn't know you needed", while notes that the playing was "technically impressive, sonically calming, and not even kind of reminiscent of being murdered in the woods while hanging out with Ned Beatty, the video is a reminder that the banjo can heal!"

Couldn't agree more! And we think you all can offer the world some banjo balm, too! Find out how by clicking below! 

Play your #banjoforlife


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