Play your #banjoforlife

by Jamie Latty

Last week, I sent out an article about the importance of playing music during challenging times. Never in my lifetime has this been as important as it is now. Isolation, fear and stress are not a good combination, but we can help ourselves and others by playing our #banjoforlife, and more importantly, sharing our music.

While numerous musicians have already been serenading the masses with their own instruments, its time for the banjo community to join in the fun! Steve Martin recently started this with his own banjo balm video, and we think you guys have got some to share with the world too.

So today, we invite YOU to post videos to your favorite social media platforms and use the hashtags #banjoforlife and we will repost and share as many of them as we can. 

If you like, you can also record a personal message along with your playing reminding people to wash their hands, practice social distancing and stay at home if they are sick. We will get through this together! 

We look forward to seeing your videos!

Stay safe!


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