Merry Christmas from Deering Banjo Company

by Jamie Latty

As has become tradition around these parts, we are excited to present another wonderful, and equally rare musical rendition by the Deering family. This Christmas, the song of choice is Deck the Halls. 


2020 was a year when everything changed. Remember when we couldn't buy toilet paper? It seems like a lifetime ago. It has been a rollercoaster year and despite all of the downs, there have been so many fond memories. Unlike 2019 when we had the luxury of travelling to events, where we would typically see so many of your friendly faces, 2020 missed all of that. As Deering Artist Eric Gibson put it so well in yesterdays Deering Live end of year special, "we miss people". You can watch this awesome episode featuring many of the Deering Live guests from this year, below.


We miss the in person contact with our customers. That has probably been the hardest part of 2020. Our showroom has been temporarily closed, and we miss the friendly faces dropping in each day. And sure, while technology has allowed us to continue some kind of safer version of reality, I am sure we can all agree that a Zoom call just isn't quite the same as meeting face to face. 

That said, we have been delighted that so many of you have been able to tune in to our weekly Deering Live sessions, and that so many of you have taken to the banjo as a sort of relief for the year that we have all faced.

We have heard stories from all over the world, of people pulling their Dad's old banjo from the closet and learning, or buying a Goodtime banjo for their child who is now at home instead of school. Whatever the situation, banjo it seems has helped a lot of you feel better about the world. We are humbled that our banjos have helped you. 

So thank you, as always for your incredible support in 2020. Things will get better, and whatever happens music, and banjo will always be there to provide the soundtrack.



Kristin Scott Benson chooses the Deering Golden Series banjos
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