Merry Christmas from Deering Banjos

by Jamie Latty

As 2018 draws to a close, Greg, Janet, and Jamie Deering wanted to take a moment to say Merry Christmas in the best way they know how; through the magic of music.

We have delivered Christmas cards for many years. This year, we wanted to do something a little different, and to do our part in helping mother nature by not using paper at all. 

This video message from Greg Deering is a reflection on what has been a very busy year, traveling (literally) the globe to meet with many of you at various events. Greg, Janet, and Jamie traveled many miles, heard countless banjo stories, and shared memories. Greg even provided last-minute emergency repairs to a banjo that had been mistreated on a long haul flight. Easily one of my favorite stories from the road, this is what happened.

A young girl had flown into the US from Australia to attend Bela Fleck’s Blue Ridge Banjo Camp in North Carolina, only to open the case and discover that her banjo had suffered a complete heel break. She needed her banjo the following day for the start of the camp and approached Greg to see if he could offer some advice or maybe borrow something to see her through. Greg, being Greg, loaned her a banjo, and took a personal visit to a local Home Depot. Returning an hour or so later with clamps, glue, and other supplies, he repaired the banjo that night. She used it for the rest of camp and had a wonderful time.

The second video is a performance by the Greg, Janet and their daughter Jamie. Together, as a family. they rehearsed and recreated the Kingston Trio song "A Round About Christmas", which is taken from a traditional English nursery rhyme, Christmas is Coming, which is often sung in a round. In this video, Greg is playing his favorite long neck banjo

The Kingston Trio, (as many of you know, Greg Deering's favorite band and a major influence on his starting to play banjo) recorded their version in 1960 when it featured on the Christmas album "Last Month of the Year".

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this special version of A Round About Christmas, by The Deering Trio.

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