Greg Deering Announces Kruger Brothers Concert

by Jamie Latty

Hello Kruger Brothers Fans,

This is Greg Deering. I am writing to you today to announce that The Krugers Brothers will be performing a concert on August 7th 2023 as an informal kick-off for the Americana Folk Gathering.

The Kruger Brothers have a huge following amongst the folks who have been attending this event for years. So, they will all be at this Kruger Brothers concert.

There will be 250 tickets available to folks outside of the Americana event. This is an intimate venue that will have you in a very warm and friendly atmosphere with the Krugers.

Location - Scottsdale Plaza Resort, 7200 N Scottsdale Rd, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253.

Date - August 7th, 2023 | Doors - 6:30pm | Start - 7:00pm


If you already know the Kruger Brothers you know that you never miss an opportunity to see them in person. Many Kruger Brothers fans will buy tickets for every concert they do in their area. If they are playing Friday and Saturday night they will always go to both concerts.

Over the years Janet and I have had the opportunity to travel with the Krugers on a concert tour. We have seen their concert night after night for a couple of weeks. We never fail to be completely amazed at the magic they create every night at every concert. They are premier purveyors of magic.

Janet and I have all their CDs. They are fantastic CDs and we love them. But as good as the CDs are, the Kruger Brothers are even better live! I very much encourage everyone to see the Kruger Brothers live.

That is why Janet and I, and our friend Bob Zink, are putting on this Kruger concert before the Americana Folk Gathering.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see the Kruger Brothers live.

What is the Americana Folk Gathering?

Deering Banjos has been involved in the Americana Folk Gathering for a number of years. Prior to the Americana Folk Gathering, the event was called the Kingston Trio Fantasy camp. The Kingston Trio name went elsewhere so the same camp became known as The Americana Folk Gathering.

The Americana Folk Gathering is a camp format in that there are 30 campers who get to be coached and rehearse to perform on stage with the "resident artist". In the early years, it was John Stewart and Nick Reynolds. These two started the camp. After John and Nick passed away, Bob Shane and the existing Kingston Trio, made up of George Grove, Rick Dougherty, and Bill Zorn, became the "resident artist".

This camp was and is a place where the campers get to fulfill life dreams of getting to be part of this magical music.

The Kingston Trio recorded a song written by the Kruger Brothers called “Forever and a Day” on their “Born at the Right Time” CD. It is a great CD. That is when the Kingston Trio fans became huge Kruger Brothers fans.

With the Trio name going elsewhere, George Grove and Rick Dougherty have joined Jerry Siggins, formerly with the Diamonds, and are now the Folk Legacy Trio, who are now the resident musicians of the Americana Folk Gathering. 

But they are not the only resident musicians...

Enter the Bloodliners

There is a whole additional element to the camp. Ever since the first years of the camp, when Nick and John were there, they needed an audience for the camper’s nightly performances. They made rooms at the Scottsdale Plaza resort available at reduced off-season rates so others could come and enjoy the music.

Most of these people were also fans of the music John Stewart made after the trio. His first album was “California Bloodlines”. It is a great album. I still have my original vinyl. The title song is “California Bloodlines”, so the folks who came to be there, hear the music and be around Nick and John have become affectionately known as “Bloodliners”. There has always been a good crowd of Bloodliners. They have a hospitality suite and often stay up most of the night playing music.

This year, this tradition continues and there is room for more Bloodliners. If you would like to be a Bloodliner all you have to do is call the Scottsdale Plaza resort and tell them, you would like to book a room for the Americana Folk Gathering event and you will get the reduced rate. The tickets for the camper nightly concerts, Wednesday thru Saturday, are available at the event.

Because of the Bloodliners and their love of John and his music, most of the John Stewart band have also been part of this event and are also resident musicians for the camp. These include , Chuck McDermott, Dennis Kenmore, Dave Crossland, Bob Hawkins and Dave Batti.

Paul Gabrielson the bass player for the Kingston Trio, as well as noted musician and producer, Rob Reider will also there. 

This year’s Americana Folk Gathering is August 9th to the 12th. Most of the campers and Bloodliners will come in on the 7th to go to the Kruger Brothers concert. Seeing the Krugers and coming to the Americana event is like having your cake and eating it too!

This is a lot of information about these two events. Either of them are great events. Both of them together are fantastic. I encourage you to come to see the Kruger Brothers. I encourage you to come and be a Bloodliner.

The Kruger Brothers usually sell out, so it is a good idea to get your tickets right away.

Buy Kruger Brothers Tickets

Rooms for the Americana Folk Gathering can be arranged by contacting the resort. The Scottsdale Plaza Resort and Suites can be reached at (480) 948-5000. 7200 N Scottsdale Rd, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

Thank you for reading and we look forward to seeing you in Scottsdale! 

Greg and Janet Deering

***Please note that any questions about tickets, or the event should be directed to TicketLeap, Americana Folk Gathering, or Scottsdale Plaza Resort depending on your query. Deering staff will not be able to assist. ***



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