Custom Deering Haunted Banjo Collaboration Unveiled on Kickstarter

by Jamie Latty

Deering is thrilled to announce the building of ten, extremely limited banjos in collaboration with award-winning illustrator, Brian Kesinger on his latest project, "Buster & The Haunted Banjo". Available exclusively at

Extraordinarily handsome, this "Made in the USA" banjo edition is slated to feature a Ghostly Transparent head on which frolicking spirits hover above a Spooky Wood shadow box resonator. Etched pin striping and detailing will add flair and texture to the exquisite finish. Several bats can also be seen flying down the Midnight Maple fingerboard, each landing at the traditional fret marker positions. 

The Haunted Banjo will feature an 11", 3-ply violin grade maple rim, for a superior tone, as well as a maple resonator, and a slender rock maple neck. The banjo will be stained a frightful black and built to the same standards that Goodtime banjos have been for nearly a quarter of a century. 

Engineered with all of Deering’s panache and expertise, this banjo will be well-suited to players at any level—and will make a bold statement as a true work of art fit for prominent display in any collection.

Deering Haunted Banjo 3D Front Mockup
The official Kesinger Custom Deering Haunted Banjo will materialize in 2021—but as of today Kickstarter backers will have an exclusive opportunity to reserve one of only ten "First Batch" signed/numbered/hand-embellished instruments plussed with an original drawing by artist Brian Kesinger. Head over to for more information. 

Kickstarter pre-orders for this authentic Haunted Banjo include an all-access ticket (including a virtual backstage pass and V.I.P. swag bag) to a live streaming Buster Bones Banjo Review on February 6, 2021. The live concert event will feature an ensemble of musicians and variety performers.

Kesinger, who is currently Lead Character Designer at Netflix, has worked on movies including Tarzan, Frozen 2 and my kids personal favorite, Wreck-It-Ralph (okay, my favorite, too!). Brian started playing banjo during the Covid-19 lockdown, and it quickly inspired his art. It wasn't long before he began incorporating his new favorite instrument into the subject of his annual drawings for #inktober; an annual online event that encourages artists to create an ink drawing each day of October, as a way to improve skill and develop positive drawing habits. 

So what are you waiting for? Click below and reserve yours now! Reserve Your Haunted Banjo

1080_1080 Haunted Banjo



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