RJ Comer

by David Bandrowski

“A city boy with swamp water in his veins” is how Los Angeles-based recording artist, songwriter and performer RJ Comer describes himself. RJ’s unconventional approach to the banjo respects the folk and jazz traditions, but is not confined by them. Fronting his genre-bending 7-piece show band Dance Hall Pimps (Lakeshore Records), RJ plucks and saws his acoustic/electric banjos through the DHP’s flamboyant Americana Rock repertoire. As a solo artist, RJ explores more traditional and moody banjo styles in a contemporary acoustic mash-up of New Orleans-style Americana, swamp, blues, and Americana Rock.


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May 9.2016

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Apr 28.2016

Elle King Plays Banjo for Woodroom Session

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Feb 5.2015

Tim Moyer

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Dec 19.2014

Ryan Cavanaugh

Ryan Cavanaugh's innovative ideas of how and what is played on the 5-string banjo are occupied by few musicians alike. Hailing originally from North Carolina,...

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