How To Begin Playing 3-Finger Banjo

by Bennett Sullivan

So you just bought a banjo! Now what? This video will answer all of your beginner questions about 3-finger style banjo.

Things like:

  • What are the parts of the banjo?
  • How do I wear my picks/do I have to wear picks?
  • How do I even start plucking the strings?
  • Where do I put my right hand?
  • What are banjo "rolls"?
  • How do I practice these rolls?
  • Metronome?!?!?!

Playing the banjo is so much fun, and it's important to get the most out of your practice time so you can sound great when you play! 

I don't just want to show you something without giving you some goals to achieve or practice tips. In the final portion of the video, I cover practicing, and it's by far the most important, so don't skip it!

Things to remember:

  • Be patient
  • Small daily practice is better than one long practice one or two days a week
  • Make playing with the metronome fun!
  • Overall don't put too much pressure on yourself. You picked up the banjo to enjoy it, so keep that in mind whenever you're practicing. (Focusing on the note pitches and not thinking helps keep it fun)
  • Practice hearing the sound of the instrument, not just thinking about what strings to play with which fingers
  • Listen to lots of banjo music!
  • and with each practice session, try to have more fun than the last one :)

Feel free to add your reminders in the comment section below, and feel free to ask questions! 

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