What Is the Deering Professional Series?

by Carolina Bridges

Don’t you just love it when someone pulls out a term like “Professional Series” and then they don’t tell you what that really means? I mean, it sort of sounds “intimidating” right? After all, I am NOT a professional so does this mean I wouldn’t benefit from a “Professional Series” banjo? Quite the opposite is true! Let’s explore the details of the Deering Professional Series banjos and find out why it’s just right for you!

The Professional Series at Deering is distinguished by a banjo with a -06- bell bronze tone ring (with the exception of the Boston), Deering slender D-shaped neck profile, Deering resonator depth for more immediate response, and choice of tonal woods like maple, mahogany, or walnut. The banjos that fall in this category are the Sierra, Deluxe, Maple Blossom, Calico, and the Boston.

Other standard options can include: acoustic, or acoustic/electric, openback or a resonator; 4, 5, or 6-string banjos, and flat fingerboards or radiused fingerboards. These options are features that can also be ordered in our Eagle Series, Vega banjos, and Tenbrooks Series.

Let us focus on how the Deering Professional Series banjos can help you become the “banjo master” you have always dreamed you could be!

  • The Deering D-shaped neck has always been noted for its comfort. This neck is slender enough for smaller hands but not too slender for folks with larger hands…kind of like the Goldilocks bed that was “just right!”
  • The Deering -06- tone ring puts YOU in the driver’s seat! This powerful bell bronze tone ring gives the player the broadest tonal dimension possible with a rich mid-range, great bass, and great treble response. Because it weighs 3 ¾ pounds all by itself, it will also give you a powerful banjo with incomparable sustain.
  • The shallower Deering resonator depth means you keep all the power coming through the pot assembly and project it out towards your audience! This means more brightness and more volume to your overall sound.
  • Tone woods like maple, mahogany or walnut give you a choice in the voice of your banjo. Deering Sierra Maple will be loud and bright, while a standard mahogany Sierra will have the most wonderfully sweet tone with the same powerful projection.

The Deluxe model comes standard in walnut and gives you the powerful sound of a maple banjo with a more moderate brightness but brighter than your mahogany Sierra. It has a glossy finish and different inlay pattern than the Sierra so you get a change in both aesthetics and tone.

The Maple Blossom has a beautiful glossy finish and mother of pearl inlay pattern with maple tone wood. We now make it standard with a radiused neck. Just think of it as the “Cadillac” of banjos because not only do you get a powerful and broad dimensional tone but a “smooth” ride on your fingerboard to go with it.

When it comes to the Calico, the aesthetic of highly figured curly maple enhanced by a  honey amber stain, rounded out by coral snake purfling and mother of pearl inlays on an  ebony fingerboard with glued in frets; well let’s just say it’s like a little slice of “heaven on earth” for any aspiring banjo master! Bright, beautiful, and powerful…put the Calico at the top of your list!

The Boston banjo has a unique tone that has been enjoyed by banjo players since the beginning of Deering’s history. While it has gone by earlier names like Basic and Intermediate, today’s steel rimmed Boston is played by many professional and banjo enthusiasts around the world. The steel rim gives it the “classic banjo brightness” cherished by many players and it is great to record with. Bearing the same slender neck, shallower resonator, and other features of the professional series, the Boston will be a perennial favorite among those who play and collect Deering banjos.

Did I say “collect?” Yes, folks, once you start down the road to your first Deering Professional Series banjo, you won’t want to stop! The door is wide open and a whole new world opens up in front of you; “a whole new dimension of sound, sight and mind.” No…it’s not the Twilight Zone…it’s a world of wonder called music! VIEW OUR PROFESSIONAL SERIES BANJOS!


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