There is an unprecedented demand for Deering banjos right now that has raised several issues.

A customer from Texas called us and said his local dealer told him he can’t get Deerings because we are sold out.   This was disturbing to us because the dealer our wonderful customer wanted to support and was very loyal to, is not even a Deering dealer!   But the impression this dealer gave our customer was that Deering banjos were “not available.”

The truth is:  Deering has very carefully and deliberately doubled production of every banjo we build.  This increase has been monitored under intense scrutiny to make sure our banjos are just as beautifully crafted as everyone has come to expect… some ways, they are even more beautifully crafted than ever.

The truth is:  Deering is continuing to find ways to increase the production of our banjos beyond this recent increase, but never, never, ever with any risk to our 38 year history of superb quality.

The truth is:  Dealers like, Elderly Instruments, Banjo Studio, Janet Davis Music, Banjo Hut, McCabesTwelfth Fret (Canada) Eagle Music (UK), Zenith Music (Australia) and other premier and master dealers listed on our website, have committed heavily to stocking our banjos and can get you pretty much any Deering, Vega, Tenbrooks, or Goodtime banjo within a reasonable amount of time.

These dealers (and others) recognized the increase in Deering banjo interest and have a continual stream of banjos coming to their store for you.

Also, some dealers who have lots of banjos on order, can call us 90 days before an order is complete and change the model they have on order, to the exact model you want.  That’s why a dealer who has not planned well, will tell you “I can’t get a Deering for two years” when our best dealers, who have many banjos on order will correctly tell you, “I’ll get you that banjo in about 90 days”, because they have had the foresight to place orders in anticipation of the biggest increase in Deering banjo interest in history.

The truth is:  Dealers who have not been paying attention to the market demand for Deering banjos are getting caught short without banjos and facing their customers with long wait times.

It is easy for a dealer to blame Deering for “being impossible to get” but this is not accurate and being presented by short sighted dealers.

I’m writing this today to stop any “false rumors” that you may have heard that “you can’t find a Deering banjo.”  THAT is NOT TRUE!  You just have to know where to look!  If you are having trouble finding the Deering banjo that you want, please contact us and we’ll direct you to a dealer who will get you the banjo you want.   If they don’t have it in stock, they will be able to order it for you.  It is true that even good dealers are waiting for banjos, but they have them ordered and can get you the exact banjo you want.

Deering banjos are available.  Check our website first to make sure the dealer you want to work with really is a Deering dealer.

If you don’t have a Deering dealer close to you, let us know and we will direct you to a dealer who can get you your banjo.

Also remember that Deering Master and Premier dealers have more banjos in stock than any other dealer.   They also tend to have banjos scheduled throughout the year and may already have your banjo on order.

We will be increasing our production steadily in the near future, but rest assured, never at the expense of the extreme high quality you have come to expect from Deering banjos.

Contact one of our dealers today and order your new banjo….with confidence!


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