Learn Clawhammer Banjo

Learn the basics of clawhammer banjo playing with this video lesson from David Holt.

You can buy the entire DVD from David Holt here.


Here are some other resources to help you learn how to play clawhammer banjo:

  1. hi dave my name is eddie can you tell me if there is i fingure pick i can use for claw hammer as i am missing the tops of the required fingers i pla blugrass but would love to have a go at clawhammer mant thanks eddie

    1. You might try the “Atomic” frailing pick. The Janet Davis Music company sells it. Standard bluegrass syle picks work well as well, but you wear them backwards, with the blade over your fingernail. (You may want to bend the pick to straighten it out to match the shape of your finger, and perhaps round off the end with a grinder tool.


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